Episode 1: Lily's Cupcake Delivery

The dark-haired girl looked contently towards the tray of cupcakes on top of the counter. The scent of fresh strawberry entered her nostrils. She had been baking them all morning; strawberry cupcakes. It was nicely decorated with vanilla topping and thick strawberry jam, garnished with a strawberry fruit slice. They were her favourite flavour.

“Are the cupcakes ready, Lily? We have to deliver them before 12.30, you know.” Veronica, the store owner, bustled into the baking area and dumped a pile of baking trays into the huge sink. Lily, the dark-haired girl, smiled.

“Yep, it’s done. By the way, where’s Scott? He’s supposed to do the delivery right?”

“Oh gosh, don’t tell me he’s not in today. I haven’t seen him either.”

Lily and Veronica stood staring between each other for awhile. For a moment, Lily thought she saw Veronica’s looks-like-you’re-gonna-have-to-take-his-place-then eyes. Lily gave a frown, and then she was sure that Veronica wanted her to do the delivery instead.

“Oh come on, I’ll give you the address. I’m sure you know this place, it’s famous!” Veronica said as she sped out towards the cashier counter and took out a piece of paper with something written on it. Lily read the address carefully. It sounded familiar, but she wasn’t sure which one. ‘Never mind, I can find this place’ she thought.


Lily stood in amazement in front of the huge arched gate in front of her. She was starting to have doubts whether she had come to the wrong house. But the address written on the paper was clear enough. It was the same as the big number carved onto the plate beside the gate.

The house in front of her was more to a mansion. A high brick wall surrounded the entire grounds and specially treated grass grew neatly across the open-stretched garden decorating the front of the mansion. Lily was totally fascinated. She picked up the boxes of cupcakes stacked on the back seat of the bicycle. There were 10 of them, she wasn’t sure she could bring them in altogether. ‘I’ll just make another trip later on’ so she carried 5 boxes and started walking into the wide open gates. There were a lot of people walking in. They wore beautiful dresses and thick scent of expensive perfume filled the air. Lily knew they were not ordinary people like her.

An old man wearing a black suit with a bow-tie stood faithfully at the front door, nodding and welcoming towards the entering guests. He must be the butler of the house, Lily guessed. When he saw Lily, he eyed her curiously until she stopped right in front of him at the doorway. The entrance was as big as the house itself. It was arched beautifully and the door was carved with remarkable precision. Even the door portrayed what kind of living the people in this house had.

“Hello, good afternoon Mister. I’m here to deliver the cupcakes ordered for the party.” Lily explained. The butler smiled and nodded. He called to a couple of maids passing by and turned back to her. “Leave them here. We will bring them inside.”

“Oh, but there’s more! Can you please wait while I’ll go take the rest?” Lily quickly added. The butler again nodded while one of the maids picked up the boxes from Lily and left. Lily descended the steps back into the garden. The path was paved with brick-coloured stone tiles. As she walked back towards the gate, an extraordinary incident happened right in front of her eyes. A beautiful red sports car glided towards the gate in an inappropriate speed, and as it entered onto the stone path, it knocked over Lily’s bicycle along with the boxes of cupcakes. Lily watched in horror.

The sports car stopped not very far from her. The shock of seeing her bicycle crumpled with a broken rim and the cupcakes all squashed to pieces really caused Lily to lose her temper. The door of the car swung open and a foot landed on the stone pavement.

To Be Continued...


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episode 1 dh sedih..kalau Fiza ni dah lame driver tu fiza maki and mintak ganti rugi.. said...

sabar fiza. jgn emo2 hahaha :P